Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IDIA Readings 4/8

Smashing Magazine Articles - Storytelling

These articles really spoke to me. Just today, I was working on a creative brief for our next television commercial and was trying to convey our audience's mindset under new circumstances for our product. I struggled to put it on paper. I don't know why I never made the connection before, but storytelling seems like the easiest way to communicate something like that for ANY design. To the writer's point, it brings the conversation to a level in which all stakeholders can understand. It also puts an emotional spin on the information – which is so important in direct response television.

More importantly, seeing the complex group of contributors that come into play when developing user experiences digitally, I see why a story can help get the project off the ground quicker. You spend less time explaining acronyms and jargon, and more time connecting with the user and making decision within your area of expertise based on that knowledge. I'd say it's a clear cut way to get to informed decisions for all parties. And that seems to be a recipe for success in the end.

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