Monday, March 3, 2014

IDIA Readings 3/4

Saffer 8

As my company finally comes into the world of digital - we sell Medicare for seniors so we are a bit behind - one of the biggest topics of discussion is customer experience. This seems to be what Saffer is talking about with service design. It's about what the process looks like for a user of a service or company and their experience with the brand. And because that experience will often dictate whether they are a promoter or detractor in the end, it's important that the design be intelligently thought through. Right now, we have clear holes in our customer experience, even down to the main website visit. Our main company site is robust and offers a customer portal, but a link that takes you to our part of the site and our products feels antiquated. We are constantly talking about that broke user experience and how bad it must be to go through it. And we're doing something about it, but it takes time so we are feeling the pain. Especially when customers like to use our recently added Facebook page to complain about it.

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